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The company is run by husband and wife team Paul and Rachael Finch.
Our Team
Paul began helping out a DJ whilst he was still at college, but soon went on to run his own mobile disco. Although he now works as a Senior Technical Support Engineer for an educational software company, he has kept his disco as a hobby at the weekends. The discos very quickly took off and lots of children’s disco parties were being booked. Wanting to offer something more, Paul bought a bouncy castle, and as the bouncy castle did so well in the first season, more inflatables were bought and hence the business expanded. The children’s parties, both discos and inflatable parties, have now become the biggest part of the business.
Rachael is a qualified nursery nurse (NNEB) and has lots of experience with children of all ages. Keen to further develop her knowledge and skills, she has recently completed her Early Years foundation degree. Rachael works as a Teaching Assistant in a local school and has also helped with Brownie camps and chaperoning at the local theatre.Paul and Rachael also have two children of their own, a daughter of 13 and a son of 11.

Lyndsayhas been a qualified teacher for over 10 years and also has lots of experience with children of all ages, having worked on summer playschemes as well as her full time job in a secondary school. She has fantastic relationships with the children, and they all respond well to her. Lyndsay also has a 2 year old little boy and is enjoying every minute of being a mummy. Paul’s Roadshow has always been a family business and Lyndsay is just like a member of the family.

Our aim is to give customers the best possible help when deciding on what they would like for their party and providing staff as required.

All staff have been police checked.

When staff are onsite they are easy to identify as they all wear T-shirts with there name on the back and the company name. This makes it much easier for children and parents to see who should be there looking after the children.

We can now accept Card Payments